Love for the rest of your life 用余生去爱

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Ahora 现在

Estrangement 隔阂

Their own 自己的自己

Not touched 未被感动

Don't leave 别离开

Behind you 身后有你

Let go of my hand 松开我手

No matter what 无所谓的模样

On board 登对

Do look at life 看尽人生

Capilar 茵陈

Nothing Left 一无所有

Laugh and say 笑着说散

Memory loss 记忆消失

Too light 太轻

All by luck 全凭侥幸

Blind painter 盲眼画师

Make a fool 做个傻子


Half happy 一半快乐

Long day dream 漫长的白日梦

Fluorescent color 荧光色

Un poco alegre 几分醉意

Another one 另一个自己

Don't complain 别抱怨

My weakness 戳我软肋

She loved him 她爱他

First encounter 初次相遇

All the world is discrete 世人都离散

Love is too sweet 情话太甜

If you listen to me 你话我听

Van Gogh's ears 梵高的耳朵

Fundus nevus 眼底痣

Your rival 你的情敌

Love and be loved 爱与被爱

Till I met you 直到与你相遇

Do not want to have 不想拥有

The sky is bright 天空亮了

Initial appearance 最初的样子

Your words 你的话语

Can not be cured 不可治愈

Shoot love 枪毙爱情

Dream can not do 梦想不能将就

Love letters do not mail 情书不包邮

Very difficult to move 很难心动

Just miss 只是挂记

Black and white is you 黑白是你

Love for the rest of your life 用余生去爱

Accompany me to drink 陪我喝酒

Walking in the cold wind 走在冷风中

Who's excuse 谁的借口